If you are not familiar with the legal procedure in Spain and know how to check the technical aspects of the property you should consider using a professional property finder. It’s not about having experience in property purchasing but being familiar with how the process works in Spain. All countries are different and even if the process sounds easy, believe it or not, you will have a lot of questions and doubts and you will often need help.

Spain has always been recognised as being different, and most Spanish service companies do not work in the same way as other service providers in other Northern European countries and the USA. Expectations are simply higher, by having a personal property finder it will help guide you through the purchase process in a professional way and without too much pain.

Sometimes it can be hard to make an important decision especially when buying a new property. People need someone they can trust to help them, to answer their questions, and to give guarantees that things are correct or to stop them when things are not. Nobody wants to make a mistake when buying a property, and certainly not when it is your dream and probably the second biggest expense you have ever made in your life.

Following are some reasons why a personal property finder is a good idea:

  1. He/she knows the marketplace

If you are not familiar with the market, prices and the desired neighbourhood and combine this with not speaking the language you can lose a lot of valuable time and money. This can stress you out. You don´t want to lose sight of your dream…

  1. He/she can save you money

Once you found your property the property finder will know if the price is correct or not and will negotiate the best deal for you. This should save you a lot of money!

  1. He/she will save your time

In this day and age time is everything so you don´t want to be seeing an endless amount of properties using up your precious time. Your property finder will search the market for you. He/she will have their own contacts in the industry and will search for the ideal property. They are on the ground and can preview many properties in one day. Surfing the Internet in search of your ideal property, arranging meetings and visiting them takes a long time.

  1. He/she will protect your interests

Which property matches your needs the most? Which are the best areas to purchase in the city/town? Who to trust? When you don´t know the answers to these questions, property buying can be a very stressful process. Your personal property finder will be working for you and his goal is to protect your interests.

  1. He/she speaks Spanish and your language

Language can often be a problem. All the legal paperwork in Spain will be in Spanish. So, it will help the process a lot to have a local intermediary speaking Spanish and at the same time speaking your language or at least English.

  1. He/she will find solutions after your purchase

Once the property has been purchased, there are still plenty of tasks to undertake for example getting the utilities connected or name changed over, get in contact with the property owners, pay taxes, …

They can recommend builders, electricians etc if there are any renovation work needed, you’re your buying for investment, you will probably need a property manager.