The growth has been strong but this time stable and is avoiding the fatal boom and bust cycle which lead to the meltdown some 12 years ago

The latest figures for 2019 suggest Spain’s property market is enjoying a continued period of sustainable growth.

According to valuation sources, new-build and second-hand properties have seen their values increase year-on-year for the past two and a half years.

The average price of a home was at €1,349 per sqm for the first quarter of this year, while March saw the third consecutive monthly rise.

Prices across Spain have soared by 12.4% on average since the crisis, this however doesn´t reflect the substantially higher increase for the costal areas and islands. For example Javea leads property price increases for the Costa Blanca …the average square-metre price of property in Jávea is now €2,034, which is a 12.99% rise in one year on which makes it the leading coastal municipality for property price increases in the last 12 months.

The town of Javea is one of the Costa Blanca North’s most sought after locations and has long been connected with luxury and high-class lifestyle