The hotel and resort market is where we have a great deal of experience and an exceptional record working in the international hotel market, with a particular focus on Spain. Our services cover hotel acquisitions and consultation in Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, the UK and North America.


Whether it´s a small boutique hotel operator free or a portfolio of resort hotels with guaranteed returns, we have a network of partners and hoteliers allowing us to connect our investors to the right asset and achieve total satisfaction for our clients.

We bring our many years of experience and exceptional track record working in the international hotel market, with a key focus on the Spanish sector. Our multi lingual team has an in-depth understanding of the hotel sector and underlying economics, allowing us to help our clients maximise their return on investment.

Our core activities are connecting our extensive network of business associates to create opportunities which make a difference and add value for our investors.  Ultimately, we connect investors and to hoteliers.

We identify suitable assets in locations with room for expansion, assisting our investors in finding the right asset to invest in to meet their finantial and operational requirements. We can also offer quality advice on the management of your hotel and can connect hotel owners with operation companies to secure a guaranteed return.

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As most of our assets are off-market and not openly available, we must maintain a level of confidentiality for both vendor and buyer. Please register your interested with us to discuss your requirements.