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House prices in Ibiza and Mallorca rise by 11.3% in November 2019

House prices in Ibiza and Mallorca rise by 11.3% in November 2019 Average prices for both new build and second-hand property in Ibiza and Mallorca grew by 11.3% in November 2019 compared with the same month last year, according to Tinsa, one of the leading real estate valuation services. Property prices increased by an average [...]

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New fast track visas for Non – EU nationals

New fast-track visa Non-EU national investors, entrepreneurs, highly qualified professionals and researchers can apply for fast-track visas and permits, which offer preferential treatment, such as automatic residence for the whole family with no minimum stay, and free travel throughout the Schengen visa region. There are conditions to fulfil for each category, for example, investors may [...]

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Billionaire building biggest arena in Valencia to attract mega stars!

VALENCIA will have the largest arena in the country.  The multi-purpose venue will sit on 21,500sqm of land with a capacity of 18,600 for concerts and 15,000 for basketball matches. Costing around €220 million, construction is expected to begin next year for a completion date in 2023. The project is led by a well-known Spanish [...]

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Reasons for using a property finder in Spain

If you are not familiar with the legal procedure in Spain and know how to check the technical aspects of the property you should consider using a professional property finder. It’s not about having experience in property purchasing but being familiar with how the process works in Spain. All countries are different and even if [...]

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6 Top Tips To Earn You More Money When Investing

The land is right now the most in vogue speculation resource because of the ongoing development of the Spanish economy, the expansion in rental costs, the dynamic revaluation of properties and the upturn in the travel industry in Spain. If you are considering investing in the real estate sector in Spain following are some tips [...]

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Spanish property market return is back emphatically: +10.5%

According to statistics released by the Central Bank of Spain in January 2019, the return expected on the residential Real Estate market in Spain is 10,5% – Blue line on the chart. This performance comes from two sources: gross rental yield estimated at 3,99% –Green line on the chart–and capital gain estimated at 6.51%. Uplifting news: 5% is perhaps the most astounding [...]

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Spanish Property Buying Process

Investigation of the property There are some important steps to take before purchasing: Ensure that the property is currently registered and that there are no debts attached to the property. Ascertain what property taxes and outstanding bills are due. These could include rates (IBI), refuge (basura), community fees, water, gas, electric, telephone and alarm bills. [...]

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